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Also, I would advise NOT avoiding a common phrase in spoken language just because it is hard to pronounce or easily conflated with other words.

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If you are learning a language, you might as well learn it right. Thank you!!! Meow meow may more happiness come your way. Hey, I just came across your blog and I really enjoy it. Umso — umso is grammatically wrong. Many people say it that way but umso is really a synonym for desto only. Nice post! Ich finde diese Wortstellung verwirrend. Ich erwarte das Verb in der zweiten Position, zu stehen.

Je mehr ich lerne, desto mehr Ausnahmen finde ich. Kannst du mir mir helfen, es besser zu verstehen? Man muss es glaube ich als wie-Box interpretieren. Es wirkt auf mich ein bisschen so, als ob der Sprecher von sich selbst in der dritten Person spricht. Doch, das kann man :.

Just wondering, is there any logic at all behind je…desto? Dieses Weblog hilft uns zu viel, um unser Deutsch zu verbessern. Thank you, the manner of your writing is very fresh. If anyone sees this — the last post was 6 years ago — BUT I am grappling with the odd words I find in German sentences, some seem to be just fillers, but others seem repetitious.

For example: in the above Je mehr guten Wein acc ich trinke, desto mehr billiger Wein nom wird mir teuer verkauft — billiger is cheap, teur is cheap. Can you not just use billiger. What is teuer adding to the meaning of this sentence? This was actually just a typo.

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The sentence meant that cheap wine is being sold to me as expensive, but I forgot to add that last bit. The example is not the best anyway, I modified it a little now. Teuer means expensive — I think I knew that. I find the vocabulary and explanations of usage extremely useful. Thanks again. Jahrhunderts gesetzlich geregelt.

Die Arbeitsbedingungen wurden gut und die Loehne hoch. Could you give me one in English? For all who want to go over the exercises of the German Summer Bootcamp again, you can find them under the "Work Out" section.

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Have fun and happy sweating :. German is easy! The blog for all who want to learn German…. Skip to content.

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Notify of. Ron Magnuson. Very good question! So you see… the declisnion depends on the function and is independent of je desto :. Does that help? Yogesh Saini. Fin Famos.

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Genau :. Danke sehr! Jetzt sind wir fertig! You can hover over any word for contextual definitions and multiple examples.

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